Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Finish and some mail

Oh Happy day , I have  a finish to share :-)  I should have titled this post " Is it still spring ?" as this project is  a spring runner that was designed by Pat Sloan and was a free pattern on her blog .

 This was a fun little project and I really should do more quilting but that is a bit uncomfortable right now so I am calling this a finish since I won't need it for a long time ....
I also worked on my Good Night Irene blocks yesterday , sewed some blocks together and now have four rows sewn , yeah I think that mojo is back , just need to take it slow .
 I recently won some giveaways , the first one to arrive was these gorgeous fat quarters from Sew Sisters called Winter Wonderland by Bunny Hill /Moda and I won this great prize from Cathy at Blueberry Patch  ,Thanks so much Cathy , they are so sweet .
Then I won this really cute book by SuznQuilts 
What a fun pattern to make for a baby or toddler , thanks so much Susan .
 It is so great to be back in the game and winning these great prizes gives me inspiration to sit and sew . 
Thanks so much for stopping by today , hope you have a lovely creative day .
 hugs Sheila

Monday, August 18, 2014

One foot in the stirrup

Yes I have one foot in the stirrup now so I need to swing that other leg up over and get back in the saddle lol ! I am not referring to horse riding although that would be fun too, I am referring to sewing , you would think after this long time of no sewing I would be biting at the bit to get back at it but my mojo is somewhere else these days ,however yesterday I had a talk with myself and plunked myself in front of that sewing machine and did a little sewing . You see I had this commitment that I needed to fill and I really hate promising something then not following through so I finally made a prayer flag for my partner . The theme was Joy and this is what I came up with .

 To me seeing a butterfly is joyful so that was my inspiration for this prayer flag , a couple of antique coasters on an antique linen napkin along with a butterfly and a crocheted flower and voila a prayer flag that I hope my partner will like. Not exactly much sewing involved but a start in the right direction . Oh I should update you on my crazy patch block.....
Sadly I am behind in this class , I had my family visiting for a week and no sewing of any kind took place then , they are far more important to me . Since then I had tried to catch up but I am having a little problem dealing with the hoop and my wrist . I didn't have too much trouble until I started adding the combination stitches and it is a challenge but I will give it my best shot and see how much I can get done , hope I don't run out of time . 
 I was blessed to have a visit from our son Rob and his family last week , it is always a joy to spend time with them . I wish they lived closer but that is the way it is so I have to be thankful for the time we do get to spend with them . While in the province they visited Peggy's Cove and here is a photo of the family enjoying an early morning visit on the rocks.
Rob, Diane, Caitlin, Christopher and Alyssa . 
Thanks Rob for driving that long distance to spend time with us , we sure appreciate it and loved seeing you all . Love you :-)
 Thanks for stopping by today , maybe by the next visit I will be in the saddle ;-)
 hugs Sheila

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Quilt show and some mountain biking

Yesterday Bill and I headed for the Canso Causeway so I could visit the quilt show at St. Davids Church in Port Hastings , I can tell you it was well worth the drive , very impressive display of quilts and other quilted items . Lesley the Cuddle Quilter  is a member of this quilt guild and was one of many of the talented contributers to this display .I was so pleased to see that Lesley was present and gave me a personal guided tour of the quilts explaining who had made the various quilts, thanks so much Lesley , it was so nice to see you and spend time with you. Here are some of the beautiful quilts I seen ...

 This is one of Lesley's pretty quilts .
This is Lesley's Country Charmer quilt and I will tell you that pictures do not do this incredible quilt justice, it is just gorgeous , I was so happy to see this one up close .
Next is her Msytery quilt which was a BOM from Darlene Quilts, just beautiful!!
This beauty is made by another talented blogger Karen of Kaholly  , don't you just love it :-)

This lovely Underground Railroad quilt was made by Lesley's friend Barb , our guild did this one a few years back and is a favorite of mine.
I believe this one was also by Barb, a varition of the log cabin .
I can't recall who made this but this quilt is all hand appliqued as well as hand quilted and had won international awards and I can see why , it is so well done and the quilting just blew me away.

This sailboat smaller quilt was also by Barb , I am thinking a tourist will snap this one up :-)
Interstingly this one is hand appliqued wool on a wool blanket , I loved it .

This quilt is being hand quilted by the members to sell raffle tickets on as a fundraiser for the guild and some members made blocks to contribute to the top including Lelsey . I think this is full of scrappy goodness .
This is my attempt to show you how the quilts are displayed on the church pews , so colorful , I think a quilt show in a church is beautiful . To see more photos of this display be sure to pop on over to visit with Lesley right here  .
After the quilt show we headed on up to the Keppoch where our son Chad and family were enjoying some afternoon fun biking .
Getting ready to hit the trails and one of their neighbors is looking on.

Here is Chad and Elise as they cruise around the man made moguls , I think you would call these . Elise sure enjoyed this with her Dad and kept saying one more time Dad while Chad was saying this is tough to navigate with this bike .
This one is Nila cruising around having lots of fun and managing those hills with no problems . They are such a sport minded family , both girls took part in a triatalon in the morning , a first for Elise but Nila has taken part before . They had a great time.
Thnaks for stopping by today and hope I did not bore you with all these photos.
 hugs Sheila

Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting ready for class

A few days ago I received a package in the mail with some beautiful silk ribbon and I couldn't quite figure out where they had come from , the card inside said Hearty Craft but no note and I assumed it had come from Kathy our instructor for the CQC . Here are the gorgeous ribbons
Today after some inquiry , I realize these ribbons came from Lin , how sweet of her to send these off to me , I love them and will sure have fun with them. You see one of the reasons for signing up for this class was I have always had a desire to learn silk ribbon embroidery and it is one of the things we will be covering in this beginners class . Thanks ever so much Lin for this wonderful gift ,I sure appreciate your thoughtfulness  :-)
 In todays mail I received the kit for the class from Kathy , wasn't quite expecting that either but am thrilled to have it .
Kathy has included the threads , ribbons, lace and charms and oh even the needles in this cute little wool needle case . Thanks Kathy , this is wonderful and now I can make more than one block :-)
 I have to prep my block now with markings for the embroidery stitches and then follow Kathy's instructions as to which stitches to use and where , should be fun , maybe a tad challenging but thats ok .

 Since I haven't been sewing I have been off exploring with DH when he goes to see clients and last week we were at a cottage where there is an incredible beach so I took a walk.
Not the best photo but these are morning glories amongst the beach grasses , so pretty and delicate .
a closer view

This little sandpiper (?) was not happy that I was walking in his territory and was letting me know with lots of chatter ,it was so cute .

I just love the texture of this large piece of driftwood that was on the shore , years of being washed by the salt water has worn it smooth and bleached it :-)
I was so busy watching the plovers and other shore birds that I neglected to take any photos of the actual beach so next time I promise to take more photos , my battery went dead this time around :-(

 Thanks for stopping by today and special thanks to Lin and Kathy for my treasures .
 hugs Sheila

Friday, July 25, 2014

Determination is the word of the day!

It will be 14 weeks tomorrow since I broke my wrist and I will tell you truthfully it has been a struggle in more ways than you can imagine , you never realize what you have until it is taken away and not having the use of my right hand has not been easy but I knew I had to persevere to get back to normal. I am far from that yet BUT and I emphasize that But I am improving , slowly but surely . I am not a quiter  so a week or more ago I seen a post by Dolores about a free crazy quilting class and I inquired and signed up , crazy , maybe, but the way I looked at it if I dont at least try I can never regain my hand coordination so sign up I did. I gathered my supplies first ....
This is not everything I need but a good start , then I had to post this on the special blog that our instructor Kathy of Shawl Designs has set up for the participants of this class . Once I posted this Kathy sent the next step by email and last night it took me about one hour to cut the paper templates apart , geez it hurt ...
This morning I had the task of taking those templates and cutting them from fabric , ouch again but with determination and slowly but surely they were all cut using my rotary cutter that has sat idle all these months . Next task was to sew these together , almost painless , yeah!!
Here is my prepared block, I may have messed up as I cut the templates by placing them on the right side of the fabric so they are in reverse of the way they may have been meant to be but believe me I will not be recutting them at this time . Next will come the challenge of doing the embroidery but I figure if I take my time I can handle that one stitch at a time so I want to thank Dolores for getting me back on track , I have a long way to go yet but this is in the right direction and their is a smile on my face .
 I think the most important lesson I learned from this break is to appreciate what you have , you never know when things can change and it is a long road to recovery both physically and mentally . Also use a step stool not a chair ;-)
 Thanks for stopping by and come back soon to see my progress.
 hugs Sheila