Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring !!

Spring has officially arrived but we need to tell Mother Nature , she seems to think we should still be having winter weather , it is mighty cold out there today with strong winds blowing around that snow  . However ,the mailman has brightened my day with not one but two Spring postcards . The first one is from my partner in the exchange  Jo  .
Jo is new to making postcards and did a fabulous job , isn't it just adorable . The wording and the line from the bee have been hand embroidered . You would certainly never know you weren't familiar with making postcards , really great job!! Thanks so much Jo ,I love it .
 Next is my friend Judy who sent along this lovely rose , I am quite intrigued as to how she made it . I love all the quilting she has done as well .
Isn't it gorgeous , she painted the fabric for the rose with textile paints , so pretty . It will be a LONG time before we see any roses here , first we must melt about 6' of snow . Thanks so much Judy I love it !!
 I have one little finish to share , I had been following along with the spring  blog hop on Buttermilk Basin and printed off a few of the patterns provided but this one really spoke to my heart so I immediately started stitching .

My hubby laughed when he seen this , he said , "Do you think that will work lol"!  I can hope . This was a free pattern from Gail Pan , I think it is quite cute and was fun to stitch up while sitting wrapped up in my quilt :-)
 I also have been making a few postcards , I can only share one right now and that one has been sent off to my Mom who celebrates her birthday this week .
Similar to one I have in my new header  , I just had to get rid of that snow picture , thought it might be jinxing us .
 I am off now to get some supper on the stove so I thank you for stopping by today and hope you have a really nice day .
Hugs Sheila

Friday, March 20, 2015

Meet and Greet

I am a little late to the party but today we are celebrating the first day of Spring with Madame Samm in our Meet and Greet Stitchers  Around the World  . Years ago I did lots of cross stitching and absolutely loved the process , very relaxing and fun to do . Here are two projects I did early on ,
This is my favorite cross stitch project I have ever done , it speaks of many things I love , it hangs in my kitchen on my hutch .
Sorry for the glare on this picture , this one has glass over it and I tried various angles but always that spot. However I like this one too , the quote is so true . These are the only cross stitch projects I have any others I did were given away many years ago .

I also love to embroider and this sewing machine cover was a kit I bought while visiting PEI a few years back , I do love this too :-)
Finally I will share a Christmas wall hanging that I did a few years back from a pattern called Christmas Wishes by Gail Pan I believe , it was a free BOM at that time .
Sorry I was late , the day just crept up on me . Thanks for stopping by today and hope this first day of Spring brings lovely weather and sunshine .
 Hugs Sheila

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Some fun mail

The weather outside is frightful to say the least , we had over 40 cm. of snow over the weekend and today we are getting a further 40cm. with winds gusting to 80 km. and hour , how is that for dreadful just a couple of days away from the official date for Spring .
It won't be long before we can't see out this at all , pretty close now .
All bad things aside I did receive some yummy mail lately , first was this wonderful package from Annette of In Stitches and Seams  , I was the lucky winner of her blogaversary giveaway .
It was like Christmas with so many great gifts , some really beautiful charm squares in just the colours I love , that dandy cloth tote , scissors and measuring tape , a double ended needle threader and some chopsticks that will be perfect for turning out those corners or stuffing something . Oh there is also some very yummy tea , cinnamon flavored it smells divine and tastes wonderful too :-) Thanks so much Annette for making my day .
 Yesterday a little package arrived from Vicki Welsh , I had been randomly picked as a follower of her newsletter to win a FQ of her gorgeous handdyed fabric . If you are not familiar with Vicki you should take some time to check her out here . Thanks so much Vicki .
Vicki also included a little notepad . I am not sure just yet where this fabric will be used but it sure is interesting .
 On the sewing front , not a lot happening , I have been preparing my charming stars quilt for machine quilting and did get a couple of seams done but not enough to share . I also made and sent off my postcards , which reminds me we are getting very close to the date all postcards in the exchange should be mailed out , March 23 which is Monday . I hope everyone is making progess in that area . Once your postcards arrive please post a picture on your blog as well as on the flicker page, can someone tell me how I can put that link on my sidebar,I have no clue how to do that . I am not computer savvy for sure . For now here is the link
 I have been doing a little secret sewing too but can't share that for obvious reasons , someday I will share but not for a while . One of those projects is for our guild challenge which this year involves our birthday , I had fun choosing a design for this one , I was a little lost in the beginning but am quite pleased with what I have come up with , you won't see that one until May .
 Well I must go enjoy the storm , watch those snowflakes fall from the sky and make things lovely and white AGAIN .  Hey before you know it I will be complaining about the heat , not this year I won't lol!!
 Have a super day and thanks for stopping by and if you happen to be having wonderful sunny and warm weather do you thing you could spare just a little for us , I would be forever grateful .
 hugs Sheila

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Charming Stars top

I finally finished the Charming Stars quilt top , a SAL with Terry of Terry's Treasures . I am a little slow but at least it is now in the ready to be quilted category .
It is 74" square so a decent size lap quilt for my grandson Christopher , he saw it on my design wall and fell in love with it . I was going to go find fabric for the border but decided I would be thrifty and use up the rest of those shirts and just pieced random pieces , I could have done better with that but I still think it looks ok and I don't think Christopher will complain . Now to piece a backing , I do have fabric that will do that job nicely so I won't have to visit the fabric shop afterall ;-)
 What a gorgeous day here , spring is in the air and I think I will get dressed now and head on out for a little walk in the fresh air I think I earned it after finishing this up .
 Hope you have a wonderful day , thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila

Sunday, March 8, 2015


                                                         Everyone is WelcoMe

Friday the 6th was the first Friday of the month which means FNWF hosted by Cheryll  , thanks so much Cheryll. I decided it was the perfect time to get my little wool ornament made for this month , this is part of an OOM on FB on the wool applique page .
These are such fun to make . I also finished off an embroidery piece I found in my bag still in a hoop , and who knows how long it has been there , so long I have no idea who the designer is but I think it might be Jenny of Elephantz.
Here it is when I first finished it and I took this picture after I had begun to do some coloring in the flowers so I could show you the before and after . Here is the after ...
I used water colour pencils and I love how this looks , this will make a sweet pocket on a purse for summer don't you think ?
Now I just have to share what my granddaughter left here on her last visit . Elise is very creative and loves to do Art as she calls it .
This is their dog  who is a huge dog with large brown patches and she made him laying down in the grass , this is not the best picture but it really does look like their dog . I am sure she will be looking for this so I will take good care of it until she comes again ;-)
 One more thing I want to share , we have a little visitor since the bad weather moved in , a cute little squirrel ,Oh I know they can be a nuisance but they are so cute and I know it will head on back to the woods once the warm weather comes .  We have been watching its antics for a week now , so cute.
Do you see him sitting there on the railing , can you see the apples it has set up on the railing one by the post to the left and the other next to a bird feeder to the right of him , he thinks he has hidden them haha. I wish I could have seen him do it and gotten a video of him as he actually has taken those apples and deposited them into the little open feeder to the left of him , he carried them up that post and somehow managed to get them in there , I can see them from my kitchen window but due to the amount of snow on the deck I can't get a picture . Bill had thrown the apples out as they were less than desirable but to him I am sure a real delicacy . You know the other thing that is amazing , the crows came to pick up apples from the field and that little squirrel chased them away . He took some pieces of apples the other day into the pine trees and the crows tried to get them from him but he actually jumped on them , yep , hard to believe if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes . I need to get some of this on video lol!!
 Well thanks for stopping by today , hope you had a wonderful day , we sure did , the sun was shining and the temperatures rose over the zero mark , yippeeee .
 Hugs Sheila