Friday, July 25, 2014

Determination is the word of the day!

It will be 14 weeks tomorrow since I broke my wrist and I will tell you truthfully it has been a struggle in more ways than you can imagine , you never realize what you have until it is taken away and not having the use of my right hand has not been easy but I knew I had to persevere to get back to normal. I am far from that yet BUT and I emphasize that But I am improving , slowly but surely . I am not a quiter  so a week or more ago I seen a post by Dolores about a free crazy quilting class and I inquired and signed up , crazy , maybe, but the way I looked at it if I dont at least try I can never regain my hand coordination so sign up I did. I gathered my supplies first ....
This is not everything I need but a good start , then I had to post this on the special blog that our instructor Kathy of Shawl Designs has set up for the participants of this class . Once I posted this Kathy sent the next step by email and last night it took me about one hour to cut the paper templates apart , geez it hurt ...
This morning I had the task of taking those templates and cutting them from fabric , ouch again but with determination and slowly but surely they were all cut using my rotary cutter that has sat idle all these months . Next task was to sew these together , almost painless , yeah!!
Here is my prepared block, I may have messed up as I cut the templates by placing them on the right side of the fabric so they are in reverse of the way they may have been meant to be but believe me I will not be recutting them at this time . Next will come the challenge of doing the embroidery but I figure if I take my time I can handle that one stitch at a time so I want to thank Dolores for getting me back on track , I have a long way to go yet but this is in the right direction and their is a smile on my face .
 I think the most important lesson I learned from this break is to appreciate what you have , you never know when things can change and it is a long road to recovery both physically and mentally . Also use a step stool not a chair ;-)
 Thanks for stopping by and come back soon to see my progress.
 hugs Sheila

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Some mail to share

I have to apologize for taking so long to post these great postcards I received about a week ago , I find it so difficult to type on the computer and can't do it all from the iPad .
I had taken part in a postcard exchange through Brandy Lynn of Canadian quilt Talk with the theme of maple leaves . Lucky for me I had one suitable postcard on hand so was able to join in the swap and my partner for the swap was Monika of My Sweet Prairie and this is the lovely postcard she sent to me . Thanks so much Monika , always a pleasure to swap with you :-)

My friend Annette also sent me one of her creative postcards with the same theme , Annette always comes up with the greatest cards . It was so thoughtful of Annette to send me this great postcard , thanks so much , it did brighten my day , just love it  :-) Annette's card depicts someone enjoying a swing on an old tire under a maple tree , how clever , the maple leaf is dimensional  ;-)

Then a few days ago I received a package in the mail from my friend Eglea in Brazil , she sent me this lovely thread painted fuchsia flower . She has been practising her thread work and it is just amazing . I love it !

She also included some vintage fabric which she had used in a previous postcard she had sent . I can't wait to try it out , I love the texture of it . Thanks so much for everything Eglea

Are you wondering how the wrist is coming ? Well , slowly but I do see some improvement , I seen my doctor on Tuesday and he gave me permission to leave the brace off which is a relief as it gets kind of hot . I get very discouraged at times as I can't do the things I want to do and everyday chores are still challenging but I have to remind myself this too shall pass if I do what I am told and push that wrist and hand as much as possible and often . To be honest my wrist is not nearly as sore as my hand is , my thumb being the worst , it aches a lot . Send me some healing thoughts please , I so want to get back to normal .
 Thanks for taking the time to stop by today and I hope the sun is shining where you are .
 Hugs Sheila

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Have you ever taken the wrong turn?

Have you ever taken the wrong turn in the road and were glad you did ? Yesterday that is what happened to Bill and I , on  a whim we decided to have a little day trip , since my break I haven't driven too far due to discomfort but things are feeling a wee bit better now that the cast is off ,more on that later .So where did we go you might ask , well we headed to the fabric shop in Avonport , this was not my idea in fact I said no first as it seemed silly since I can't sew just yet but DH convinced me when he said he needed a day off and getting away was the only way that could happen  , besides it is a nice drive in the country. There are three ways to get to Avonport from here , you can take the main highway , you can go through what is known as the Rawding Hills or you can go through Old Barnes which is the route we took . This road is through farm country as you might have guessed from the name and has lots of twists and hills to navigate but it saves you quite a bit in time and mileage as long as you know the route , it is necessary to change roads a few times and I said to Bill that I would never tackle this route on my own , I know I would get lost. You guessed it by now, we got lost , well not lost really just sidetracked and it was the best mistake we could have made as we came across the most interesting art show at a winery .The winery was once a church as you can see here.
The inside was gorgeous but I was not taking the pictures so have none to show you of the interior , they had changed the church over to sell their merchandise . They had some stations set up outside for tasting the various wines but as much as I would have enjoyed a sample I resisted as I wanted to be perfectly stable while walking around the art display .
There were a few food booths as well which was most convenient as we were getting quite hungry , we enjoyed a great burger and fries with a garlic sauce , something different and quite tasty .
How do you like those benches they set up for the folks to have a quick snack ? That's me with the light coloured jacket and jeans, it was not real warm for the first day of summer .
To the right of the church was a large open field where many tents were set up for the various artists who were selling their wares . It was fascinating , there were paintings , metal work , lots of handmade jewelry  , there was also some gorgeous pottery , I love pottery , then there was a lady selling wool felted articles , aha more my style .
She was so sweet and even did a little demo on needle felting for me . We explored around this art festival for close to two hours and the only thing we bought was lunch and some buckwheat pillows with bamboo covers . I don't know about you but getting a comfortable pillow is not easy and this sounded like a possible solution to this problem , I can tell you I had a great sleep last night ,by far the most comfortable pillow I have slept on , feels a little weird at first but once you get yourself positioned it feels great .
Some of the artisans would not permit photos but Bill did ask this lady and she had no problem , all of her work was bronzed horses , incredible !
After our lovely unplanned stop we headed off down the road to catch the proper road and on the way I spotted this house and my heart skipped a beat .
This house is made of stone , gorgeous as were the grounds and if you open  the picture you may see the carved deer , life size that is jumping . The rest of the drive was uneventful and we arrived at the fabric shop just one hour before closing . I didn't go too crazy buying fabric , just picked up a few pieces of background fabric which was really running low in my stash and I bought some acrylic hexagons in various sizes that nestle together , I think it might be easier to cut them out with their use . We were back home by 5 pm which was long enough .
Now as I stated above my cast was removed on Tuesday as planned but due to the fact things are not quite what they should be ,it was replaced with a brace and I had a visit to physio and have a number of exercises I must do and I have a visit with the therapist this Wednesday . The exercises are tough to do but I know are necessary so I push myself which reminds me it is time to get at them . Thanks for the visit , enjoy your day .
 hugs Sheila

Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's a Mystery

On Tuesday of this week the Holy  Name Quilters put the last stitch in my mystery quilt , a design by Darlene of Quilts by Darlene . This was a free BOM last year and I enjoyed every stitch and had decided I would like this one hand quilted so put my name on the long list at Holy Name and it was started in March . I had the opportunity to work just a couple of weeks on the quilt when I fell and broke my wrist so the girls continued on and did a fabulous job .

I love it and I think the fact this has alpaca wool for the batting will make this extra warm , you can check out this post to see the batting   . Thanks girls for such a fantastic job , here is a closer look at the quilting
On Tuesday I should be getting this darn cast off and I pray I will soon be back with the girls quilting my Tuesdays away in sheer bliss :-)
 Thanks for stopping by and have a great day .
 hugs Sheila

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Here comes the sun

Spring has truly arrived here and our apple trees were filled with glorious blooms
 This is a flowering crab , ornamental which the birds enjoy the fruit in the fall .

A little closer look at the pretty blooms ...

Next to the crab are three apple trees that bear lots of beautiful apples but the past few years have worms .
 We have had a few days of sunshine and nice temperatures so yesterday I tried something I had not done before , Sun printing . I have wanted to try this for such a long time but I live in an area where it is almost always windy but yesterday the wind was almost nil so I grabbed the chance .  Now my wrist was somewhat a problem in this process as I had wanted to use my seta colour paints but no way could I get that top off . What did I do , well I have some cheap acrylic paints that have a flip top so I figured this is just an experiment so lets see if it works . I took a piece of plain cotton and watered down the green paint then made my fabric damp  with a spray bottle (not easy either ) , then I painted the fabric all over with the paint using a foam brush , then I  took my gathered leaves and placed them on the fabric adding paint on top to hopefully hold them down while the paint dried . I left this sitting in the sun for an hour or more and when I returned I knew things had changed as the leaves were all shriveled and I could see white underneath. Want to see ?
Isn't that cool , the maple leaves worked well , the smaller leaves not as well . I will be doing this again sometime and want to gather some ferns which I love ! I can't sew but I can still experiment :-)
 Thanks for the visit and have a great day.
hugs Sheila