Sunday, September 17, 2017

Is it Christmas yet?

I know it has been a very long time since I posted and all I can say is life has been more than tough lately but one must keep the faith that it will all be well in the end . I keep saying to myself "This too shall Pass ". So far that hasn't worked πŸ˜₯

 Anyway on a brighter note I have done a little sewing and have a few small finishes to share . The first project I would like to share is this Christmas wall hanging I started as a Let's Book it project along with Sharon last year and last week ,we  finished off the quilting  at the church (Holy Name Quilters) and I couldn't be more pleased . I sewed the binding and label on shortly afterwards and here is what it looks like.
This is simply called Merry Christmas and was designed by Jenelle Kent . I will be proud to hang this on my wall for the Christmas season this year .
 Sticking with the Christmas theme, I turned this little block into a mini hanging and I love it too .
Sorry I don't have the designer to share , this was part of a four part Sal and I will check to see if I still have that info and share it . Here is the link for where I got this pattern , it is called Winter Wandering .
 Again we shall remain in the christmas mode as I made this little wool on cotton mini tree skirt . It is really quite cute but took me for ever to get all the applique done by hand .
Since taking this picture I did  topstitching around the edges which I find finishes it off much better . I found this pattern in an older copy of Primitive Quilts magazine , winter 2012.

 This next piece I'd like to share was actually drawn by my 8 yr.old granddaughter this past Christmas.  She turned over a sheet from a large desk calender and within minutes had this drawn out to share with me . I tucked it away with the intention of recreating it for her for Christmas this year and thankfully I have it all completed .
I had such fun making this and I think Elise will be super happy . She loves being an artist πŸ’–
And lastly my friend Karen of KaHolly quilts asked me to make a Raggedy Anne doll for a gift . It couldn't have happened at a better time, I didn't feel much like sewing and this type of sewing just brings a smile to your face .
I think she is rather cute all decked out in her floral dress and apron and just look at that head of red  hair lol .
 I don't know if anyone else has had any issues with blogger lately but I tried on more than one occasion to leave comments and it simply wouldn't let me , so frustrating!
 Thanks for stopping by I hope I won't be such a stranger in the future.
 Hugs Sheila

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Thistle Quilt Guild show 2017

I just had to post Jeanne's amazing job on capturing our quilt show for 2017. Jeanne always does a fantastic job of taking pictures at our meetings and when we have our show she spends hours taking photos then making them into a slide show.  If you can please take a few minutes to watch this , you will be amazed at the show
Thanks for stopping in and hope you enjoy the show !
 Hugs Sheila

Saturday, July 22, 2017

FNSI Report

It is Saturday here now and since I live on the east coast of Canada I get to stitch with friends on Thursday and Friday night as those on the other side of the world are happily stitching on what for me is Thursday,  does that make sense . Anyway on Thursday evening I was stitching on my wool project from last year , a BOM with Darlene from  Needle Pulling Thread quilt shop.
I have all but the fence done so I think i made great progress . It was so hot that evening I really must have had a screw loose to be working with wool .
 Now last night I didn't start until later in the evening as we were experiencing a thunder storm but once that passed I decided I would add a border to this runner I sewed together on Thursday or maybe it was Wednesday . 
 Two of these blocks were in a bag I purchased from the  estate of a fellow guild member . Carol was a wonderfully creative person and it was such a difficult job to sell off her lovely fabrics and works in progress . I was able to find enough fabric in the bag to make an extra block and had to use her blocks as reference to make a pattern as I went along . I think they are suppose to be apples , anyway I love the colours and really like the green for a border.  I will machine quilt this I think . 
During the time that I wasn't able to use the machine I also cut strips to make more pillows , oh I know what am I thinking . I just wanted to use up that denim and get rid of the rest of it.  Here are the two pillows I created , having just finished the surf one a few minutes ago .

 This was the first one , can't have a beach without sand πŸ˜‰
And let's face it when we go to the beach we like to watch the surf of the waves 😊
 So thanks for stopping by and thanks to Wendy for hosting us for FNSI , to see what others were up to head on over here
Hugs Sheila 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

A few finishes

We are having some extremely hot weather right now , at least for us . I have gotten some sewing done though , some fun pillows , this one being inspired by this pillow I found on Pinterest here
I just guessed at the  measurements and instead of using a stencil which I didn't have anyway I used some free lettering from Pat Sloan and applique them on . For the back I used a shirt which included the buttons which worked perfectly for a closure.  I was so happy I thought that one up. This is constructed from old jeans,  some strips are the denim turned inside out to give contrast,  a fun pillow to make .

 This pillow came from my love of doing curved piecing and also my love for the shore birds .
With the exception of a couple of pieces this is Hand-Dyed fabrics . 
The sandpiper I added some embroidery , isn't he cute ☺
I couldn't stop there so back to the denim,  I came across a few squares of denim  in a few different shades of blue so this hexie pillow was born,  also found on that Pinterest site.
Again I just guessed at the size of the hexies although I think there is a template available.  I was more concerned about them fitting on my squares of denim which actually provided me with two larger hexies and one smaller hexie from each square.  I figured since I was cutting I might as well cut it all at the same time and throw the rest away . Yes I do throw some things away occasionally.  On the original pillow there is no star fish I just added that for interest .
So this is what became of the smaller hexies , of course I had to cut more to make this happen and then I had to come up with a plan for applique so I added a sail boat on the wavy sea , now that's what you see isn't it lol . I have to show you the back of this one.  I hadn't taken a picture of the beach pillow back but did remember to do it for this one. Yes this is a shirt,  the darker colour is the shirt turned inside out , I just loved how it looked so went with it.  Bet you won't look at a shirt or jeans the same again πŸ˜‰

 Did I stop at that , nope , there is one more
This one actually was made before the smaller hexie pillow , I had these strips of denim left over from taking the jeans apart so I thought why not try a curved piecing pillow using denim , hmm not such a great plan , much more difficult to deal with this heavier fabric when trying to cut nice curves but I did manage to do it.  The lower sandy area is a linen type fabric,  likely a decorator fabric from long ago , worked well for sand . I added the sail boat then I felt the sand needed some help so I drew out a beach chair , not so easy either to make it look right and I added a sun hat beside it . The owner of the hat and chair are swimming just incase you are wondering haha . Or maybe they are out on the sailboat.  We needed some beach grass so I FM quilted some on each side and called it done 🀐
 So that was my adventure into summer pillows , am I done yet,  maybe not , I do have some ideas floating around so stay tuned .
 If you recall I took part in Darlene's star challenge a week from  Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop last year and I just recently had it quilted by Lynda Campbell in Mabou at Fiddle Stitches.  She did a great job of enhancing the quilt so once I got it back home I got busy and added a binding and here it is all finished up.

Sorry for the poor photo , I should have taken it outside . The border on this quilt was very challenging to me , trying to figure out just how to get that to fit the star blocks was just not clicking at first . I had some help from my friend Janice and together we finally got it worked out and I do love the look it has created , gives the stars a nice addition plus made a small quilt larger ☺
So that's all for now,  I think I have kept you long enough . Thanks so much for stopping by , sure do love your visits .
 Hugs Sheila 

Monday, July 10, 2017

NSQBQ RR Reveal for 2017

On Saturday the NSQBQ (Nova Scotia Quilt Bloggers Quartet ) got together to exchange our RR's at my home. Just Five years ago this little group emerged from meeting up through our blogs , Linda of Scrapmaster , Karen of Kaholly and Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter and I feel very blessed to have each of them in my life , our friendships have blossomed over these years and we have a kindred spirit relationship . The past three years we have done an exchange and last fall we decided on a RR , each of us making our own 12" block which was passed along to each of us with plenty of time to work on the next 6" round , so thankful for those long schedules ;-) Well we finally were able to arrange to meet up and since I am at the half way point we felt it best to meet at my house . I appreciated their efforts to travel the distance so I provided lunch of a variety of salads and strawberry shortcake for dessert. But you don't want to hear about all of that , you want to see these amazing quilts right ! Here we go ......
 You can't imagine the excitement we all had for the big reveal but this photo of Linda will give you a good idea :-)
She just couldn't stand the anticipation of what she would fine when she unfolded the quilt , well it was worth the wait , just look at this ..;.
Linda created the colorful middle block and Lesley was the first to add to it with a wonky star with plenty of negative space for Linda to work her magic with her quilting . Next I added the arrows after much searching for inspiration of modern quilts and trying to think how Linda would think , well I did a really good job of how she thinks as just a short time after I finished and passed this along to Karen , Linda revealed her newest pattern , an arrow runner , that just made me smile . Then Karen added the amazing pick up sticks in which she so creatively added the names of each of us as well as the year and the fact we are known as the Nova Scotia Quilt Bloggers Quartet , now wasn't that smart . I can't wait to see how Linda will quilt this , I know she will do an amazing job.
  I was next to open my quilt top but I will save that for last . Lesley was more than excited when she opened her quilt , I thought she might have a heart attack lol .
Lesley's block is a hand embroidered block which Karen then added the row of perfect little spools , my heart gave a little extra beat when that arrived at my house , I love the spools . She also added the little red and white border along with the navy then Linda added the lovely ribbon border in blue and deep red and then it arrived at my house . I will be totally honest here , I looked at this top for a very long time before I could come up with a plan to do my round , to me it was already finished . So after much thinking and planning I decided to use Lesley's own blog as an inspiration and if you follow her blog you will notice she always signs off with " Its always a good day for Quilting" . That was it , I knew that had to go on this top so I hand wrote out the letters to this along with other quilty quotes and hand embroidered them added lots of applique to fill in the space . I knew Lesley liked house quilts so I added a three dimensional little house quilt hanging from a clothesline, something else you often see on Lesley's blog . Sorry the writing doesn't show up well here , if you open the photo that may help. Note the four friendship star blocks I added to the corners to represent each of us .

 Karen did a lovely modern block for her center and I had the first round on her block. I had a little brain fog here too but I used the block that was Karen's inspiration to add my border . I hand appliqued some hexie flowers , a vine with leaves picking up the colours in Karen's block . I then passed it along to Lesley who added the wonderful colourful nine patch border , just perfect , again picking up those colours used previously . Finally the top traveled to Linda and she added a  raspberry kisses border  which really sets off the block bringing us back to the center .
Lastly my gorgeous quilt , I was blown away by the talent of each of these ladies . Linda added the large sawtooth star block around my star block leaving lots of open space for hand quilting ,  she knows me well , this is perfect , then Karen added the flying geese border in various sizes which just shows the patience she has , wow and such perfection and I love the colours , oh plus she added the square in a square blocks to set off the corners . Next it went to Lesley who added all those pretty scrappy sawtooth star blocks with the four blue blocks to represent each of us , how appropriate . I am thrilled beyond words with the result and can't wait to get started on the quilting and yes I think this one will be hand quilted by Holy Name Quilters, are you ready girls, I will bring it along tomorrow so we can decide how to quilt it to perfection .

 Our plan is to have our quilts all quilted ready for display for the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival   being held October 10-14th in Amherst , Nova Scotia .The NSQBQ Quilt Show and Sale will be held at the Amherst Curling Club on Prince Arthur St. on Friday, Oct. 13 from 10 am til 5 pm and also on Saturday, Oct. 14 from 10 am til 3 pm.  We hope that you will come visit and check out all our quilts . 
  To read more on this amazing experience be sure to hop on over to visit each of the girls who have already posted with pictures for you to see . Thanks as always for taking the time to stop by for a visit and have a great day .
Hugs Sheila 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

It is officially finished

I sewed the last stitch on mom's quilt on Sunday of this week . That sure felt good , even have the label sewn on , how great is that !
You will be sick of seeing this lol .
 I also just finished another curved piecing art piece , this one is one of my favorite flowers , a poppy . Well in this case three poppies and a dragonfly. 

I just seem to want to do art work lately rather than quilting . 
Oh I also spent an entire afternoon decorating a tea towel, how silly is that . It took me more time than it was worth for sure,  but it is cute .  So for OPAM this month I had three finishes , the quilt, the framed art and a tea towel ☺
 We had company last week so most of my time was spent enjoying Alyssa as we strolled the beaches of our area.  It was so lovely to have her and I will share some pictures another time . 
 Well I thought I should make an appearance before the month was up, thanks for taking the time to stop by , I sure enjoyed your visit .
 Hugs Sheila 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Opam for May

Can you seriously believe that May is over,  holy smokes , how did that happen . I actually had a busy month and had a few finishes plus I finished another landscape just a couple of days ago . I seem to be into landscapes this month , this is my fourth .
This is a hand applique piece , so relaxing to sit and stitch in the evening , I hadn't done any like this in a very long time . My supplies of Hand-Dyed fabrics are way down now , so need to replenish soon . I did try my hand at some fabric dying this week . I gathered some lichen from trees and boiled those down then added my fabric to the strained water . I had first prepared my fabric a few days before that with alum . Now here is the interesting part,  just for fun when I put my fabric in the pot I threw in two small pieces that had not been treated in the alum , well the results were very surprising,  take a look .

This isn't the best picture as it was at night so the fabric on the right is a little darker than it appears here BUT the fabric on the left is the untreated fabric.  I had washed both at this point and the colour stayed the same . I was happy with my first try 😊   My second attempt was not so successful , I had also gathered a little green moss which didn't produce any colour at all πŸ˜₯ 

 So back to Opam,  I had a total of 8 finishes this month,  four landscapes , my Eh Canada runner plus the Westering Women BOM Quilt.  Oops forgot my curved pieced dragonfly art piece and a postcard I gave my Mom for Mothers Day . I made this in a hurry , she was so disappointed I didn't make one for her birthday I felt I better get busy and make one for her for Mothers Day , I think she was also happy for the hand delivery .

 Oh I have to show you our little feathered visitors , I am thrilled we have a pheasant couple who frequent our feeders although his early arrival in the morning is not great,  I hear him make that curdling sound around 5am each day .

The males were fighting over possession of this lovely female.  The male on the right was injured and is now walking with a limp , sure hope he heals quickly . He is keeping his distance now . Aren't they gorgeous .
 I best get going , lots to do today and our granddaughter is coming into town with her school so we are meeting up with her for a brief visit too .
 Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a fabulous day .
 hugs Sheila 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thistle Quilt Guild show

Just a quick post this morning to tell you the Thistle Quilt Guild is having their annual quilt show this Saturday , all the info is on this poster , sure hope you can attend , we'd love to have you !
I promise you won't be disappointed , we put on a great show .
 Hugs Sheila

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Westering women and landscapes

Good foggy morning to you , it has been damp and chilly here the past couple of days,  typical spring weather .
 This Saturday is the Thistle Quilt Guild quilt show so I have been super busy getting things prepared.  My BOM , a combination of Westering Women by Barbara Brackman and some blocks from Quilters Cache is finished , yes I could add more quilting but for now it is completely bound with label in place . This has been a project since last fall and my first time doing a QAYG handquilted project . I enjoyed every stitch on those blocks each month , the stitching of the rows together , not so much , but it's all a learning experience and I would do it again as I feel quite good about the fact I finished a queen size quilt in record time for me and I think i could work smarter the next time .

On Sunday I attended a party for two sisters , one was having a significant birthday,  the other just moved in her new home so I made each of them a landscape to remember the occasion .

I took the risk of ruining this piece when I chose to FM stitch the tree , I had never done leaves before . 
On this one I did some embroidery in the foreground . I enjoyed creating these and hope the girls will enjoy them . My supply of Hand-Dyed fabrics is really dwindling,  time to learn how to do this myself !  Any tips from anyone who has done this ? 

I am quite excited as on Saturday along with the quilt show is have tickets to Riverdance an amazing show of Irish dancing . When I visited Ireland a couple of years ago we attended a similar show and it was great but I think this will be even more incredible.    I will let you know how it goes πŸ˜‰

Time to run so thanks for taking the time to stop in and have yourself a fantastic quilty day . I am linking up to the Needle and Thread Network today for the first time in a long time , go here to see what others have been up to this week . 
 Hugs Sheila 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rain , rain go away

It's raining again today , enough already , I am forming web feet . This kind of weather is not so great for the joints infact downright painful so hope it let's up soon .
 However I have been getting a few things accomplished , still working away on my BOM Quilt,  nope it isn't finished yet , did I tell you I am slow πŸ˜‰
At our retreat I had finished the stitching on the curved piecing art work as I showed you in the early post and since then I have completed it and finished the second one which I had just done the piecing on . Both of these projects were from the class I taught last fall . The first one I showed I had it all pieced to share with the class but no quilting done , the second one I am about to share was simply strips of fabric laid out to show how I choose fabrics and the order in which I lay them out before starting to do the curves . I like to know ahead of time what my plan is or sort of as it often changes midway. I wasn't quite sure what to add to this second one but wanted to keep it simple just like me , so this is what I came up with . It doesn't get much simpler, than this.

I just love these Hand-Dyed fabrics , it makes my job so much more fun and I am determined to learn how to do this myself. 
I think this will be a movie day and some more handquilting so I will let you know how things are progressing and maybe just maybe I will finish this real soon . Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a great day. 
 Hugs Sheila  

Saturday, May 6, 2017

FNWF Report and a flimsy

You won't see much progress here but for me it is significant,  I have now attached the last two pieces of backing to the quilt , I worked on it on Thursday evening as well as Friday evening plus I did some quilting on it . I ran out of the fabric I had used to back my blocks so this back is a mishmash of fabric , a girl has to do what a girl has to do to finish things ,right πŸ˜‰
Since I had never done this before it was completely guess work and a lot of praying too .So far so good , it seems to be right . Here is another look at the front , a more detailed look at my hand quilting which still has a way to go .
The colours are a little off here but it will give you a general idea of what my scrappy BOM looks like. I need someone to light a fire under me to get this quilted before the end of the month , oh my not so sure it will happen but the sky won't fall if I don't so I am really not stressing over it , honest .
 Now today I got to work on my star quilt I had done as a block a week with Darlene of  Needle Pulling Thread quilt shop last year . It just wasn't big enough so I came up with this brilliant plan to do a zigzag border , well in reality it wasn't all that brilliant,  it was a challenge but the results are worth all the times I took it apart , yep , three times lucky lol . My friend Janice helped me last weekend while on the retreat to make the turn so the zigzag would continue around the corner . We thought we had it all figured out but it turns out I needed another full unit to make it fit . This old broad does have a brain that works now and then she just doesn't use it often enough when it comes to math . Taking a picture of my progress really helped keep things in line and eventually the light bulb came on , whew !
There you have it , I am super happy with how it has turned out and so relieved it actually fit together.  
I am off now to have supper,  hope you have enjoyed your day and did something creative . Thanks to Cheryll for hosting FNWF , I really enjoy stitching along with you all . Thanks for stopping by .
 Hugs Sheila 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Say it isn't true

It can't possibly be May , can it? Oh my goodness where did April go , I can't believe it has been a month since I posted here but holy moly it has been a busy month .
  What has kept me so busy , well several things , the first being my BOM Quilt for the guilt guild . I now have it all sewn together and am in the process of quilting the remaining sashing strips I couldn't do until my border was attached . Here  is a peak .

I chose to do a little leafy vine for the sashing strips,  hmm , lovely but why didn't I chose something quicker to stitch haha.  I will of course still need to do the border once those are finished . I was hoping to have this finished for our quilt show coming up the end of this month but unless I do nothing else that won't likely happen.
 Since this year is Canada's 150th birthday I decided to take on the challenge offered in the Quilters Connection magazine to create a mystery runner . The pattern does not include a photo so you really have to be careful when putting it together . Thanks to a little help from my friend Annette I finally got it worked out . It is HUGE , I have never made a runner this large before and I don't have a table this long , infact my table is round . The fabrics I chose have little red anchors in the background fabric and the red fabric has what could look like wheat,  the oceans on each end of this great country and the wheat fields of the prairies in between 😊

It actually fits well at the end of the bed so may be used as a bed runner .
 The other project that has my attention lately is the crazy quilt block from my online class with Kathy Shaw.  I am still amazed she provides this class for free . I need to add a few more beads and I am thinking of trying a ribbon butterfly but for now this is what it looks like.

I really enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it if you want detailed instructions on creating a crazy quilt block and a all for free . Kathy offers the class periodically infact she just started a new one so too late to join up now but be on the lookout for an announcement for her next one.  
This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a retreat , the first for our guild . It was a blast and I am already looking forward to next year's.  We decided to not have scheduled workshops for this retreat but each worked on our own projects which made for some very interesting eye candy . I worked on a couple of different projects , the first was to finish the stitching on my curved piecing sample I had started for the class I taught last year , hmm , pretty sad when the teacher doesn't finish her work huh . Anyway I managed to finish all the stitching and added my applique and since I came home did a little more work on it , want to see ? 
Since I had been doing ribbon embroidery on my crazy quilt block I decided to add some to this block . I had also decided to add a dragonfly so drew one on and have hand embroidered it , that was fun . This photo is rather dark so when I do actually finish this up I will repost a better picture .
 I will share a little more about the retreat later on but for now I must run , I have been up for a while and my tummy is telling me it is time to eat 😊
 Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by .
 Hugs Sheila 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Opam and update on my crazy quilt block

Good evening from sunny Nova Scotia , yes the sun is actually shining and although a bit breezy is a lovely evening and looks a bit more like spring . Maybe just maybe it really is going to happen this year .
 So I am a tad late reporting for March for Opam , sorry Kris.  I had seven finishes all of which I spoke about here .  They included two tea towels , a mug rug , banner , pillow and wall hanging . I have been busy since then but no finishes.
 I just completed task #7 for my crazy quilt block.  My lack of threads makes it a tad challenging to get the look I wish to have.  I have tons of DMC floss but I don't care for the look it creates on this block although I have used some . I am pleased how it is coming along , I even added a few beads today , have to say I am not a bead person , I prefer things plain  but I am here to learn so I will do as the teacher says lol .

. So I am plugging along with this as well as my BOM Quilt,  making progress slowly but surely there .
 That's all my news for now , thanks so much for stopping by today,  sure loved seeing you .
 Hugs Sheila

Monday, March 27, 2017

Update on my crazy quilt block

The weather in our area has been anything but spring like , we even had a blizzard last Thursday,  Mother Nature needs a wake up call and Shubenacdie Sam got it all wrong , we did not have an early spring . Well we may have, but winter returned πŸ˜‰  Oh well look on the bright side it is close to the end of March , my least favorite month and April is just around the corner so surely that means better weather.
  I have lots of things on the go , one project I even completed but I can't share it as it is a mystery and can't be revealed just yet but I promise to share it soon .  I hate to admit this but I am also STILL working on my Round Robin project but it is getting close to a finish too , as long as I have it done by May I am good πŸ˜‰  There is also my BOM Quilt that I am trying to finish up , I am in the process of sewing rows together
and I have had to unpick a couple of times , not quite as easy this way at least for me .

Now for the title of this post , I have also been working now and then on the crazy quilt block I told you about in my earlier post . I have now completed task #6 , yeah . Some of this embroidery was quite quick , the little row of French knot flowers took a little longer to complete but I sure do love them . I don't have a lot of floss in the 12 weight and most of what I do have is darker colours but  I did find enough to do the flowers as it makes a huge difference using this floss compared to dmc for the embroidery , a nicer finish . I have heard a store in Halifax now carries some of this type of floss so my next visit to the city will include a trip to Patch . Here is what it looks like right now. I am going to link up to Super Mom No Cape today , go here to see what others have been stitching .

 Now yesterday I needed a little break from embroidery and well,  I fell off my wagon of not starting anything new,  that didn't last long did it haha.  I seen these 6"blocks on various blogs and couldn't resist joining in.  I guess I miss the SS . This is another SAL , this time with other designers like Carrie Nelson ,Jo Morton and Lisa Bonegan to name a few and is called Moda Blockheads , here is a link to the newest block
Only three blocks have been shared so far so it's not too late to join in the fun . I finished my three blocks since yesterday so obviously pretty quick to make.
 I am digging into the same container I used for  my BOM , there is enough to make a couple of quilts I think .
 So there you have it,  I confess I just can't resist cute blocks , can you ?
 That's it for me today , I am off to put some heat on my knee which is giving me grief . Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day .
 Hugs Sheila

Friday, March 17, 2017


Time to report on FNSI hosted by Wendy
  I have a lot of things on the go and I know i shouldn't have BUT I signed up for the beginners crazy quilt course by Kathy Shaw so last evening I started my embroidery and I am continuing to embroider this evening but that is on a secret project so I can't share that but here is my crazy quilt block.

This is my second time doing this class , you see my first time I didn't finish it because of my wrist being broken so I decided I would try again as I really love crazy quilting.  If you ever have the opportunity to take one of Kathy's classes I would highly recommend her , she is more than generous with her instructions and information . Here is a link to her blog , her classes are free ! 
Thanks for stopping by and hop on over to see what the other ladies were stitching on . 
Hugs Sheila 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Some ufos have been checked off the list

I have been doing a little catch-up on some UFO's that have been sitting patiently for me to finish them up . A few I finished a short while ago and one I finished just this morning .
 Our guild is having their annual quilt show the end of May so at the moment I am trying my best to finish off a few items for display. This year we are celebrating Canada's 150th birthday so our plan is to have some displays to represent this monumental event . The first challenge set before us was to create a banner , it did have to be a certain width and length and have the Maple leaf and the fact it was 150 years. Here is what I created .

 I really had no plan when I started but the first thing was to make the PP maple leaf , whew that was the worst part of this whole thing , so easy to mess up the pieces . I then decided flying geese would work well so made two sets of those to fit the width of the banner then my final decision was to add the silhouette of the Mountie , let's face it the RCMP is definitely a good representation of Canada and the fact our oldest son is a member nailed that decision for me . It was a little challenging to stitch around all that black . I don't know about you but I find sewing with black thread on black fabric a little hard to see where I have stitched.  
 A few of us also decided we would make a little table topper for the tea room at the quilt show . We all used the same pattern but all are different because so many different red fabrics were used . We will have a lovely red and white display for those enjoying tea .

My next finish was this little mug rug.  I had this almost completed before Christmas so I guess I am  extra early for next year . 

This is part of a panel which has many similar cute images , I still have a few to use . I carefully stitched around the dancer by machine to quilt it . 
This little skinny wall hanging was also started before Christmas and is now hanging in my entry , I was ready to take down the snowman πŸ˜‰

Not sure you can read the lettering but it says "Enter with a Happy Heart " . Not sure why it took me so long to finish this off,  all that I needed to do was add the binding .
 Finally I will share my finish for today , hmm can't remember when I started this one but the pattern  was part of a blog hop a couple of years ago and the sheep is done with wool . I had decided right away I would make a pillow with this and had the pieces all sewn together but didn't have it quilted . I started to quilt it a couple of weeks ago and just did around the sheep etc then the crazy idea of doing pebbles came into my head to fill in the background.  I think my brain was full of pebbles when I decided to do that . I did it in shifts between sewing my sashing strips strips for my BOM.  This is not a big pillow,  only measure 14" but these little pebbles took me forever.  They are far from perfect , I don't do a lot of FM quilting but felt a pillow was more doable for me so even though it took me so long I think it was worth the time and effort and only I know how imperfect those pebbles are,  oops I just told you , oh well , you already know i am not perfect lol . 
 I just remembered I also have two tea towels that I decorated to share with you . I shared these as part of our program last night at the guild so I can now share them with you .
I like to decorate tea towels , a very quick and easy finish that just brightens my day . 
 Well I shall let you go now , I hope I didn't keep you too long . Thanks for taking the time to stop by I love your visits .
 Hugs Sheila